Brent D. Seth
Brent D. Seth

The fate of the entire galaxy, and dozens of alien races, rests in the hands of a grocery clerk, a cop, and a small, yellow cat…


Overweight and over-the-hill, Jason Miller was on the road to nowhere. With a minimum wage job and only Jason’s cat, Leo, for companionship, bad goes to worse when Jason rear-ends a police car containing one very angry cop. Car totaled and about to receive a ticket that will cost a month’s salary, Jason gets a lucky break when a brightly lit Christmas tree suddenly falls out of the sky. At least it looked like a Christmas tree.

Waking up in a strange place, Jason finds his body is now twenty years younger, his cat is more intelligent than most people he knows, and that cop, in his own newly enhanced body, is still very angry. Jason and his companions soon discover they’re to be used as expendable conscripts in an interstellar war. With his new body and a new mind, force-fed with advanced knowledge, Jason and the others must escape and elude hostile aliens, win a galactic war, and save some new-found alien allies before they’re all blown to bits. The fuse has been lit, and time is running out!


“If you liked Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, then you’ll love Short Fuse! Brent Seth takes you on a whirlwind ride where the entire fate of the universe rests with two men and a cat, all plucked from Earth and dropped into the midst of an intergalactic war. A nonstop tale of adventure, punctuated with droll humor that you just can’t put down. Five stars for Short Fuse!”


Chris Berman--military historian and science fiction author of six novels including Das Bell.

Take the character of Ash from the Evil Deal, throw in a bit of Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly, and a feline, and you've got the makings of a comedic CATastrophe in Short Fuse!


Kage Alan--author of Twink Ninja Tiger, Flaxen Buns of Fury


Now available in print or Kindle download.


Journey through seven short stories of comedy, mayhem, and a few dead bodies.  Included, we discover a philandering divorce lawyer who loses more than his briefs, a young boy goaded into exploring a haunted house, dating a psychopath on-line turns out exactly as you might expect, and even something as innocuous as gardening can be disastrous when your nosy neighbor has a big mouth, and more.


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