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My name is Brent—you probably already know that, or you wouldn’t be here. I am a daydreamer, a hopeless procrastinator, drinker, smoker, and all around fun guy (when not paralyzed by my own shyness). I began telling stories as a small child, mostly about monsters in the basement. However, in 1970-something, I saw the first images from the surface of Mars from Viking 1 on television. I instantly fell in love with space—perhaps not instantly, first my Dad had to explain what was going on, but then I fell in love, an affair that has only grown over time. Without the math skills to pursue a career in science (or balance a checkbook), I eventually combined my fascination with space and my love for storytelling.

In my adult life, I worked in retail, a lot. I spent eight fantastic years at a grocery store—fantastic because I was in my 20’s, not because it was a good job. I also worked construction for a few miserable years, and even a brief stint as a professional gardener (I pulled weeds for rich people). Although my sarcastic mouth often caused trouble for me in the workplace, it adds a certain distinction to my writing. I swear, anything can be funny from the right point of view.

When I’m not busy tapping the keyboard, I spend my time dusting the cello in the corner of my office, indulging in extreme, and sometimes vindictive, gardening, amassing even more LEGO bricks to an already insanely large collection, and wishing I knew how to play the cello.

Born in Bloomington, Illinois, I now live in Michigan with my husband (who can balance the checkbook) and several spoiled cats.

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